Conditions Laser Therapy Can Help With

Sometimes, musculoskeletal conditions do not respond well to traditional treatments. If you have one of these conditions, then laser therapy may be for you. This is a type of medicine that applies low levels of light beams to your body’s surface.




This is a syndrome that results from overuse of a tissue. The trauma will damage the tissues because of the constant wear and tear on these areas. Tissues that receive high stress, impact, or external load are all at risk for an overuse injury. For example, athletes may experience overuse injuries on the ankle, shoulder, elbow, or knee. For the fascial area, laser therapy can increase circulation and lessen fascial adhesions. Often, patients only need a single session to significantly improve their symptoms.


Plantar Fasciitis


This is a stubborn condition that you can find hard to get rid of. Patients often have this condition for many years without any changes when it comes to long-term relief. But having laser therapy on the surface of the feet can alleviate any tension. Reducing tension in the feet can help the foot and heel strike to be improved. This improves the impact pattern of your foot every time you walk or run, reducing your pain.


Pain From Arthritis


Arthritis can cause your joints to compress, which results in inflammation and swelling. This can be debilitating. Often, you may find that the only relief available to you is from prescription anti-inflammatory medications or strong pain relievers. The long-term use of these medications can cause damage to your liver or your digestive system.

The good news is that choosing laser therapy can reduce your pain and inflammation. That way, your pain medication can be decreased or even eliminated. This will prevent other negative side effects of your condition.


TMJ Disorders


When you have severe jaw pain, it may be because the muscles that help you chew have trigger points. They can be irritated as well. If this is the cause of your TMJ disorder, then getting a laser therapy treatment is a noninvasive, nonsurgical way of reaching the deep muscles in your jaw. This can help to reduce pain and irritation. Applying lasers to your jaw, head, and cervical spine can relax any tense muscles in the area. That can help your joint go back into alignment.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal tunnel syndrome often causes pain or numbness in the hands and the wrist. It happens when a nerve is compressed. One study showed that the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, such as numbness, paresthesia, and tingling were reduced by using laser therapy. The pressure around the nerves in the wrist was lessened when the circulation increased. This is often a good alternative to invasive surgical methods.


Closing Thoughts


Laser therapy can be a good way to provide relief when other treatments have not worked. Visiting our Pennsylvania locations can help you get the treatment you are looking for. Contact Sports Performance + Spine in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, today to learn more about us.

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