Reaction time, speed, power, strength, balance, agility and endurance are all controlled by your nervous system. If there is an interference in your nervous system you won’t be able to perform at your best. SP+S’s focus is to allow our patients’ the ability to complete all of their fitness goals with no limitations; no matter if they are beginning a workout program, on a sports team, or are competitive athletes.

When our bodies become over-stressed, we increase the chances of suffering injury. That stress can be a sudden physical trauma (fall, accident) or even long term micro-trauma that builds up over time (repetitive motion injuries, poor posture).

No matter what type of injury we have, it typically results in:

  • Decreased normal range of motion of the affected area
  • Muscle spasm/tension/some muscles become tight while others become deactivated or weakened.
  • Nerve interference causing pain and further muscle guarding
  • Inflammation to begin the body’s natural healing process

Our goal is to quickly restore the motion in the affected joint using a combination of physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments.

Although we don’t offer a fitness program within our office, we encourage all of our patients to visit one of our affiliates listed to the right. Our affiliates allow us to communicate with trainers and staff so that our patients have the best chance of reaching their health and fitness goals.

Gaining motion results in:

  • Increased pain free range of motion
  • Muscles begin to relax (remember muscles are controlled by the nerves)
  • Decreased nerve interference = decreased pain
  • Decreased inflammation and decreased chance of becoming chronically inflamed

**Not restoring the motion of an injured area can lead to a vicious cycle of chronic inflammation, pain, degeneration, and further loss of normal range of motion.

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