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Meet Dr. Mandy Zimmerman

Dr. Mandy Zimmerman was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh. She earned her Doctorate degree in Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida in 2007. She later went on to earn her Chiropractic Sports Physician degree from the American Board of Sports Physicians in 2012.

Crossfit Coach

Dr. Zimmerman is a co-owner of CrossFit Tantrum, Murrysville’s first and only Crossfit affiliated box and Climb Cycling, Murrysville’s Premier Cycling Studio. When she is not in the office, she is coaching CrossFit classes.

With her knowledge of the human body, combined with years of competitive sports, she is able to incorporate her CrossFit experience of functional training and chiropractic education into your own personal rehabilitation.

Providing Personalized Care

Not only does she understand the benefit a person can achieve with an active and healthy lifestyle, but Dr. Zimmerman has seen how injuries and discomfort have hindered progress. She considers chiropractic care as a key link in the chain to getting individuals back on their feet and out doing the things they love to do. Dr. Mandy will provide a variety of different techniques that are tailored to the individual needs of each unique patient‘s goals.

Dr. Mandy Zimmerman | (724) 519-8261